What is SplaTube

SplaTube - www.splatube.com makes it easy to find only the battles you want to watch, that is achieved by analyzing Splatoon 2 videos distributed on YouTube and detecting and tagging the start and end of battles, modes, stages, weapons, etc.

For a victory and moving up your rank, a smart way is to watch good battles and learn from their playing.

With SplaTube, among the many videos of various contributors, for example, only the battles of Splat Zones in Moray Towers, only during Inkjet or Sting-Ray, only the epic comeback battles You can watch.

Since the video is played using the official YouTube video sharing function, it will be reflected in the video views count of the contributor. Of course, you can also go to the channel on YouTube or go to the YouTube app to watch videos.

Please note, as of now, SplaTube features only Japanese contributors via their YouTube channel. If you find the videos helpful, please like or subscribe to support them so they can distribute more videos.

There is also the Japanese version of SplaTube.

Why started SplaTube project

Because I love Splatoon, so I want to be a good player, and I think that one of the best ways to learn is to watch good playing.

In Splatoon, the positioning and tactics differ depending on the modes, stages, and weapons. However, in the current video distribution platforms such as YouTube, there is no way to search for videos that meet those detailed in-game's conditions.

In addition, I think that rise of a video game title in recent years is influenced by video game streamers and contributed videos, YouTube currently recommends based on recently watched channels and count of likes, so it seems that difficult to meet diverse contributors.

On the other hand, SplatTube recommends based on the game-specific elements in the video such as weapon and mode instead of meta-information of the video.

This feature is appealing to viewers who only know the usual channel and game players who usually do not watch videos, so SplaTube is valuable for any video contributor evenly.

SplaTube wants to help Splatoon gets further rising by providing an interesting system for players, viewers, and video contributors.

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